Tuesday, September 15, 2009

QUAD Registry Cleaner

QUAD Registry Cleaner
instantly cleans & optimizes your PC. By automatically removing partial programs, corrupt files, obsolete shortcuts that cause runtime errors, Windows Installer failures, crashes, etc. QUAD restores your PC to maximal operational efficiency. Use QUAD to regularly clean your registry and save money by avoiding the need for expensive upgrades.

Scan and retore your PC

QUAD%u2019s effectively scans your entire system registry & restores your PC to optimum efficiency. Using a high performance detection algorithm, QUAD analyses registries with the latest DED technology to spot all PC errors. QUAD%u2019s deep-scanning effectively defragments & compresses your system registry so your PC doesn%u2019t have to. View scan results and selectively clean each item or automatically repair them. QUAD also makes a backup of all repairs so you can recover any changes if required. By finding & repairing registry corruptions, QUAD renews your PC to full operational capacity.

Optimize Performance
Tired of a system slowdowns? QUAD optimizes your PC%u2019s performance from the moment you turn on your computer. By scanning all programs loaded during the startup process, QUAD immediately detects & deletes corrupt or partial applications, missing & invalid reference files, obsolete shortcuts, unused drivers & all other registry corruptions. This increases booting speed & decreases PC registry size to maximize overall operational efficiency.Boost your system performance with QUAD Registry Cleaner in 2 easy clicks!

Protect your PC
QUAD protects the integrity of your Windows registry while ensuring your privacy as you safely surf the web. Without an adequate registry cleaner, the Windows registry becomes a disorderly tangle of unused applications, drivers, shortcuts, incomplete command signals, etc. QUAD cleans up this mess to prevent freezing, non-responsive programs & harmful system crashes. QUAD also protects your online privacy. Using specialized Internet Explorer Plug-ins, QUAD expertly filters internet activity & deletes BHO items that may include explorer bars, browser extensions, download handlers, menu extensions & toolbars, etc. Download QUAD & get complete PC protection!

• High-performance scan
• System Optimizer(New!)
• Internet Explorer Manager
• Automatic/manual removal
• 3 Mode Back-up registry
• Startup Programs Manager
• Checks Recently Used Files
• Deletes Empty Registry Keys
• Scan Scheduler
• Checks Invalid Application Paths
• Checks Invalid Class Keys
• Checks System Service
• Organizes Windows Startup Items
• Auto Updated
• Checks Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
• Checks Uninstall Sections
• Checks Invalid Shared known DLL's
• Checks Invalid Startup Programs
• Checks Invalid Shortcuts
• Checks Invalid File Associations
• Add/remove Program Manager
• Memory Tweak

Size : 2.8 MB

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